How It All Began…

Music, dance, choir singing, and theatrical production design are some of the team’s many experiences that set the stage for this story.

With an arts education and years of teaching experience, Tara was ready to fulfill her high school ambition of making a difference. When her dancing- and music-loving youngest daughter was diagnosed with mild stable cerebral palsy, Tara’s focus shifted to supporting her child’s needs. The experience helped her recognize her daughter’s passion and potential, and shine a light on the strengths and abilities of so many others in the special needs and differently abled community. 

Tara’s husband Michael had a very similar education and background in the liberal arts. The two met working in a theatre environment where they coached adults with special needs. Through on stage and back stage experiences, Tara and Michael  supported their colleagues with personal and professional skill development, amazed at the successes achieved despite individual’s personal challenges. As all three of their children continue to develop an interest in the performing arts, Michael gets involved by sharing his vocal talents and directing skills more and more with youth and agrees that participation in the arts has endless benefits beyond the stage.

From Phone Call To Founders

They say when opportunity knocks, answer it! When local theatre producer and friend Kim Jesch called Tara to propose the idea for a theatre company to serve the special needs community, Tara responded with a resounding “Yes,” and Purple Stage Door Productions was born.

The women first met at Kim’s family dance studio where students entered through a purple door. That door opened opportunities back then, and re-opens in a new form today!

Inspired by this studio, Purple Stage Door Productions is an all-inclusive educational theatre company dedicated to the development of life skills in a creative and collaborative environment. By unlocking individual talents and potential, the company allows members to forge meaningful connections within the community.

The door is open to all theatre enthusiasts to come together to grow as individuals and experience the arts in their daily lives. Be a part of our story!