The simple 7 letter word and the part you play.

Theatre. A simple seven letter word that evokes a myriad of emotions in individuals across all walks of life. Some people get excited while others shrink back in fear when they think about theatre. “But I’m not an actor or an actress” or “I can’t sing or dance.” If you have ever had these thoughts toward theatre, I have fantastic news to share with you! Theatre is not just for actors or singers or dancers. I urge you – do not be intimidated by these titles or the spotlight.

We most often see theatre arts programs geared towards those who are both interested and skilled in the performance side of theatre. The audience sees the who’s and the whats on stage, but usually doesn’t realize (or at least forgets) that there’s an entire production happening backstage made up of a diverse team made up of all kinds of skills, talents and abilities!   Over the years, we have met a great number of children and adults, who really don’t have the confidence to join a local community theatre group and participate. “Why?” you may ask. Well for one, as we mentioned in our introduction, the thought of being on stage can be a very daunting thought. Many don’t feel it is necessarily catered to them or that they can contribute based on their needs, interests, or abilities. But why should that stop them? Theatre is and has always been about people coming together – cast, crew, and audience. Somewhat recently, we have developed a greater awareness of recreational opportunities and community accessibility to such opportunities as our youngest daughter has special needs (and happens to love performing!) Do you see a running theme here? Theatre. PeopleCommunity. TOGETHER.


We want to be done away with the rigid ideology people have about theatre. At Purple Stage Door Productions, we promote an inclusive environment. We encourage those with  or without special needs and abilities to not be shy and have the confidence to join us and be a part of our company. We are cognizant of the fact that not everyone is made for the stage and guess what? That’s totally fine! However, you might have a particular ability, strength, or interest in other areas where you can make a positive contribution to the overall theatre production and develop essential life skills while you’re at it.

Theatre is not only about performing on stage. We need other people to help to make the production a success. If you are a great artist, you can be a part of a team that designs and paints the backdrop; you can have props ready, or help to produce programs. There are so many roles in theatre and we are confident that you will find where you fit best. You see, this simple 7 letter word is just that: Simple. Theatre is for everyone. Theatre can be for all. No matter your goals, experiences, age or abilities, you play an important role in our production! Here is some more good news: Everyone’s role is key! You have a contribution to make to our team and to your community. So get ready to unlock your potential, and have a blast doing so! We can’t wait to welcome you!


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