Playing your role

Everyone’s role is key. That’s our motto. Whether you are on the stage or backstage during a theatre production, whether you are clearing tables at a restaurant or the CEO of a business, your role is key. We each play an important part in collaborative projects and environments and the theatre is a safe and creative place to explore and test this belief!

This great quote illustrates the importance of what we mean by everyone’s role is key: “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro. Every one of us is a drop of water that contributes to a wondrous result. It’s the powerful message and reminder that Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM!)

Here’s another way to look at it: Wouldn’t you agree that it’s hard to assemble a full puzzle without every single piece? When all the pieces are connected together the final result is a complete picture – a pretty satisfying feeling right? It takes all those individual, unique pieces working together to create a beautiful result. That’s why you and what you bring to your community, be it theatre or local, is so important. Everyone plays a role, and everyone’s role is an important one.

No matter your role, it’s important to take pride in whatever you do; immerse yourself within it and complete it fully… if everyone commits to their roles like you commit to yours, everyone wins. Put your best foot forward, give it all you’ve got, and shine  bright with confidence and commitment. The rewards will ripple like those drops in the ocean – starting with you.

So where do you start? Why not try opening our door at Purple Stage Door Productions!

We are an all-inclusive educational theatre company dedicated to the development of life skills in a creative and collaborative environment. We focus on unlocking individual’s talents and potential in order to make connections and contributions within our communities. Whether you have a unique ability or a particular disability, each of us has great potential to grow and succeed when our strengths and interests are unlocked and nurtured. We are all stars and can all accomplish great things, reach our goals, and achieve our dreams. Shakespeare himself said it best: “All the World’s a Stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Get ready to play your role on both sides of our Purple Door!

We offer classes and workshops that incorporate numerous aspects of the theatre arts (performance and backstage) and will provide opportunities for community showcases and performances. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have experience in the theatre to join us – as long as you have a passion for the arts and a desire to grow and express yourself both on and off the stage, we’ll work together to unlock your potential and support you in your pursuit of roles in your daily life at home and in your community.

Using theatre as the key, unlock the door because behind it, creativity and fun times await you:) Please knock, come on in and get ready to SHINE!

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