When someone says, “You can’t,” tell them “Watch me.”

Filipa Walker. That was her name. I often told her that it sounds like a name of a famous person. “Yes! You’ve got that right! Because I will be a famous fashion designer.” I have always admired her boldness in dreaming aloud. She was a dreamer who believed in the impossible regardless of the many disappointments and skepticism she encountered.

Filipa Walker. Her sense of style was the exact replica of her personality: bold, bright, and daring. She mixed and matched colours that beautifully complemented each other. But, that was Filipa, a risk taker. A little girl who was strong-willed and cared little about people’s opinion about her. She was known and admired for this.
Then, it happened. That day happened.
“Mrs. McCalla, how is this art piece coming on? I’m designing it to be a part of my portfolio to be submitted to design school.” “Design school?” Mrs.McCalla smirked. “You do not have what it takes to make it to design school. It’s so competitive and you have to be exceptionally talented to get into that design school.” Filipa stood there, dumbfounded, unable to move or even feel anything.
With a stunned look on her face, tears in her eyes, seemingly crushed dreams, and a feeling of defeat, she gathered her art pieces and slowly walked away as if she had just seen a ghost. How could a teacher say this to a student you may ask? I often ask myself the same question.
4 years later…
Filipa Walker:
  • top design student for her graduating college class;
  • recipient of the Simon’s Fashion Design Student Award;
  • The Digital Fashion Influencer of the Year Award

Filipa Walker. May you always remember her name and her story.  When someone tells says “you can’t”, just tell them “watch me.”


Author: Michallia Marks

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