Exposure to theatre is cross-curricular, transferable across various industries and professions

What comes to your mind when you think about theatre? You may think of lights, camera, Broadway, Stratford, Shakespeare, just to name a few. Many persons get scared just thinking about the word. It evokes a myriad of emotions in us that permeates the atmosphere. Others see no other direction that exposure to theatre can take them other than Stratford or Broadway. Theatre is cross curricular, transferable across industries and professions. There are so many things you can learn from theatre that can be utilized in a variety of spheres.

I think of high school where you always have those students who are the goofiest in the class. Making people laugh is second nature to them. They have no issue being in the spotlight. We usually all enjoy being in their company. They always exude positive energy that brings even the most dismal atmosphere to life. Does anyone comes to mind as you reflect?
Do those people usually end up pursuing a career in theatre?
I think about a young woman who I will call Shakira. In high school she made everyone laugh. Everything about her was dramatic. Her expressions, gestures, and laugh always brought a smile to everyone’s face. She was recruited by the drama teacher and performed in many plays held at the high school. I remember asking her one day, “Are you going to pursue a career in theatre?” (Yes, she was that good!) “Nope, I’m pursuing a career as a teacher. I love children and I love the fact that I can allow my creativity to shine in the classroom by bringing even the most uninteresting topic to life.” To be frank, I was quite surprised with her response because all I kept thinking to myself is that this girl is made for the stage. Her response shifted my perspective of theatre.
The skills you acquire from theatre can be utilized in a vast number of capacities. Shakira went on to pursue her degree in education and is currently teacher. She is loved by her students. “She makes learning so exciting! I’m actually excited to attend classes.” “She’s so creative!” These are comments boldly declared by her students. While apart of the drama club, Shakira was not only a talented actress who made her audience laugh, but she was also a great songwriter and composer. She developed those skills while in the drama club in high school and other theatre productions that she participated in. She has channeled those skills into making learning in the classroom fun. “The classroom is my stage,” Shakira always say.
Whatever skills you have developed in theatre, you should not place limits on the places and industries you can utilize them in. Theatre is not limited to broadway and Stratford. Ensure you put on the best show possible because wherever you are, whichever career you choose, that is your stage! And don’t forget to shine like the star you are!

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