Put Yourself First: Choose Theatre

By: Melanie Romero 

One of the most beautiful things life provides us is the ability to practice art. Whether it is creating music, learning to dance, crafting oil paintings, or writing poetry – the freedom to express ourselves creatively is a perk no one should miss out on.

 Purple Stage Door Productions

At Purple Stage Door Productions, individuals with special needs are given the opportunity to bring out their artistic side in the form of educational theatre productions. The organization allows individuals to express themselves using a unique combination of one’s character and daily life skills. Program options for these individuals range from drama and dance, to music and behind-the-scenes theatre.

 Getting Involved

It is important that as humans, we are able to grow both individually and socially. Everyone deserves to be a part of something that fulfills them. Everyone deserves to express themselves and experience what it means to indulge in self-love. Being part of a theatre production, for example, can give individuals that sense of fulfillment and community, therefore fueling that self-love.

Make It Count

Often times, implementing extracurricular activities within our schedule can be difficult. That doesn’t mean it is impossible, however. If we can make time for work, homework and Netflix, we can make time to gift ourselves some positivity with an extracurricular activity. It is important we do things for ourselves and put our mental health at the forefront. 

Often times we grow up feeling the need to please others. Whether it be our relatives, peers or society as a whole. My father once told me, “The most important job we have on earth is to make ourselves happy.” This quote has stuck with me throughout my life and I hope it sticks with whoever comes across this blog post. There are truly no downsides to practicing theatre; you gain confidence, you grow socially and you can healthily express yourself. Choose yourself first, choose theatre. 

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