Inspiration with impact: a Guiding Star’s Spark (and sparkle!)

Hello to all of our friends at Purple Stage Door Productions! My name is Janaye Couture, I am 17 years old, and I am one of the Guiding Stars with Purple Stage Door. I joined this phenomenal company in September 2019. I love every single aspect of this company, and I could not be more proud to be a small factor in its success! I initially became interested in being a part of this company when I learned that Purple Stage Door Productions provides an inclusive theatre environment for everyone! My Dad is deaf, so I am fluent in sign language, and this skill would be beneficial to the company if any students are non-verbal or use ASL to communicate. I have also been involved in musical theatre and drama since I was 10! So, I wanted to be a part of the team to use sign language and theatre to give our students the best experience possible. 
        My interest in acting sparked during my grade 5 production of Annie Jr. I got the role of Ms. Hannigan (the mean orphanage owner). But do not let that fool you. No one could believe I got cast in that role because I am always so smiley and full of joy 🙂 Soon after that performance, I was obsessed with performing. I joined Milton Youth Theatre Productions and have been in many shows! I have also taken drama class every year at my high school and have learned techniques that benefit my performances but also contribute to my day to day life. Through theatre, I have gained so much confidence, fantastic public speaking skills, and I have met many individuals who share my same passions. This confidence has allowed me to love getting up for presentations and feel comfortable when talking in large groups. As well, with theatre, voice projection is a necessity, and I have learned to use it all the time when I speak. 
        I use these skills frequently when volunteering in my community. For example, I got to act in a haunted house for three years, which required all my acting skills. At The Terry Fox Run, I work at the registration and the information booth where I communicate with others. And most importantly, the skills I have learned through theatre led me to Purple Stage Door Productions, where I get to teach our students the skills that have changed my life. I see how much our students improve throughout our workshops, and I realize how much theatre can have such a positive impact on an individual! 
        By being a Guiding Star, I discovered what I want to pursue as a career. I want to be a Drama Therapist. Drama therapy uses theatrical techniques such as performance, storytelling and acting out feelings to create meaningful change in an individual. Seeing the positive impact that dramatic arts have on someone’s personality and abilities, is something I find incredibly heartwarming. I am so passionate about the arts having a positive influence, and using drama as a healing process is the perfect career for me!
        Now you know a little more bit about me! If anyone has any questions, please send us an email at, and I would love to answer and chat with you! With that all being said, from me and all your pals at Purple Stage Door Productions, please stay safe, stay creative and stay inspired!!

Meet Janaye! Our Sparkling Guiding Star!

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