What Theatre Means To Me

By: Janaye Couture

Hello everyone, Janaye here! I am back and very excited to be more involved with Purple Stage Door by writing blogs and creating our social media posts! Today’s blog post is about a subject that is very near and dear to my heart; what theatre truly means to me. In my first blog with PSDP,  I introduced myself and shared with our stars all about my passion for the arts, my journey through community theatre, and how it has shaped my future goals! I hope to emphasize that there is so much more to theatre than just memorizing lines and performing. Theatre is significant to all those involved for various reasons, and here is my outlook!

Through my eight years of being involved in the dramatic arts, I have had the opportunity to reflect on the meanings of theatre and what it entails. At first, I thought that theatre was a fun extra-curriculum, but it is so much more than that! When I think of theatre, I associate it with many different concepts. 

To me, theatre is a family. The moment the cast and crew join forces for rehearsals, there is an instant bond with one another. I have so much love and respect for the individuals I have met through my experience, and I know I can always count on them to lend me a hand if I need it. Just as the characters craft relationships with each other throughout the show, the actors form connections throughout rehearsals. The crew members behind the scenes work in harmony to create a production that is never anything less than a masterpiece! Even if something goes wrong or problems arise, everyone is forgiven because families cannot stay mad at each other for very long. I feel lucky to have a spectacular family as well as an extraordinary theatre family too!

To me, theatre is a community where everyone is welcome. The stage is like my second home, and it brings me so much joy to have that feeling of safety. I have met some pretty incredible people through the arts, and it is the best feeling to be in a community where everyone is loved and able to express themselves however they want to. Not only is everyone accepted, everyone has a KEY role, and there is a place for everyone. Some people love the rush of performing, and others love the technical aspects happening behind the scenes. Having a love for fashion and design comes in handy with sets, props and costumes, while some people love to take on the responsibility of a stage manager. I could go on and on about the incredible roles that theatre has to offer regardless of your abilities, race or sexual orientation. Anyone and everyone in the theatre community is welcomed and accepted! 

To me, theatre is being myself unapologetically. I know this sounds a bit contradictory because when I am on stage, I am not myself. I am embodying a character. However, I love being silly, loud and creative! I get to express my true personality during rehearsals while surrounded by people who share the same qualities as me. I have always been the kid who was full of energy, and I just needed a place to let it all out, and I found that through theatre. There is also always a way to connect my experiences to the characters I play. Acting is empathy. I get to step into the shoes of someone else and try to see life through their perspective. I have become more aware and conscientious because of this, and it has influenced my personality for the better. During a performance, I can escape from my reality for a few hours and play pretend until the curtain closes after the final bows. Then, I return to good ol’ me again. 

And that, my friends, is what theatre truly means to me!

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